Welcome to the Career and College Readiness Page

This is a page of resources that can help empower youth to visualize and build a path to a career of their choice. Children that are consistently enrolled in quality out-of-school programs are more likely to go-on to post-secondary education. It is never too early to begin This page has a litany of services and tools to help students. Help them pick the career that fits their skill set and interests, explore a variety of careers learn about how they can complete college courses before high school graduation, and help them find financial resources to help them get there.

Where to start? Getting on the road to a brighter future...

The tools in this section help students begin their college and career path. These tools help youth: Explore the landscape of Idaho’s workforce (Access to data) 2) Read articles about why higher learning matters (Access to data) 3) Visualize a career path (Education Pathways) 4) Begin a career path before high school ends (Advanced Opportunities)

Get rolling and don't stop. Prepare for challenges...

Don't let roadblocks keep youth from their career of choice! Below are tools that will help youth 1) find that place that will help them achieve their goals (Post-Secondary Access) and 2) find the financial resource that may help them pay for higher education (Financial Aid).

Know the Numbers!

Whether you are serving youth, writing a grant and/or working with in the community to improve our go-on rates, it helps to first understand where we are today. The resource to your right is a collection of data sources focused on secondary and post-secondary data.

Many of the above resources were collected through the work of the Go-On Collaborative and the current efforts of the Idaho State Board's Educate Idaho Network. Thank you to them and the many organizations involved.