STEM Roundtable Meeting

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Thank you for attending the STEM Roundtable Call! Links and Recording below

CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST OF WHO PARTICIPATED We added emails of those that specifically mentioned it was okay to email them. If someone asks how to reach another participant, we would like to provide contact information and connect you directly. Please let us know if you do not want IAN to share your contact info with those who were on the call.

LINKS: (Also noted is who shared the link/information)

  1. Laurie Anderson – Micron Family Math Night:
  2. Erica Compton – STEM Action Center Family Night Grant:
  3. Marie Hattaway –
  4. Tammy Hawley-House- Makerspace in Idaho’s libraries:
  5. Tammy Hawley-House- Make it at the Library! 
  6. Tammy Hawley-House: Link to the story about a homeless man that learned to make an online app at his public library
  7. Tyler Schlagenhauf – New program coming to the Treasure Valley – Looking for sites!
  8. Amber Agee-DeHart – Free online coding program and development along with training:
  9. Amber Agee-DeHart – IDoodle’s website (they are the non-profit that supports Cubes in Space above):  
  10. Jim Ekins – Idah2o Water Stewards program
  11. Jim Ekins – Project Wet program
  12. Christine Chang Gillespie- Aerospace Day 2/5/2016!:
  13. Erica Compton/Diana Burnell – FAB Slam – STEM Action Center Professional Development opp on 3D printers:
  14. Laurie/Marie/Tim-  Idaho’s FIRST Robotics Regional Tournament 3/31 – 4/2:
  15. Chirstine Chang- Gillespie- Boise State’s Engineering & Science Festival 2/6/16:
  16. Tim Ewers – FIRST Robotics programs:
  17. Tim Ewers- Eureka Palouse!:
  18. Christine Chang Gillespie- Boise State’s That Camp 2/13/16:
  19. Christine Chang Gillespie – Boise State’s FIRST Robotic’s Team:
  20. Christine Chang Gillespie – Garfield Family STEM Night Examples – Email Marie or Christine for copies
  21. Judith McShane – 4H National Science Youth  Day:
  22. Cindy Turner/Gizmo in Coeur d’Alene:
  23. Cindy STEM
  24. Marie Hattaway: Link to IAN’s training and resource tab
  25. Erica Compton- Upcoming STEM Legislation: Tax STEM Credit, travel for the board*, Computer Science Initiative, STEM Education Fund*
    1. Please note that links for some of these bills are still the the “RS forms”, which simply means it is a draft.   Once a committee votes in favor to “print the bill”, it will be assigned a formal bill number.  It is not trackable until it is assigned a bill number.  We will update this page once they are assigned a bill number, and you can follow it through the process. To become law, the bills will need to pass committees of both houses and by majority vote of both the House and the Senate. 


Cindy wasn’t able to talk during the call and sent in: I’m travelling so not able to talk. is my very small non-profit. I do a lot of re-tweeting and Facebook sharing @STEMIdaho so there is one location you can view what organizations and teachers around the state are sharing.  I’m starting to do more specific work on gender and diversity including the National Girls Collaborative and Million Women Mentors both of which are specifically STEM oriented.

STEM Roundtable Call