Idaho Grants

Monsanto- FIRST Robotics Program

The Monsanto Fund is a supporter of FIRST Robotics Programs. Individual teams can apply for grants by visiting the website and requesting an invitation code to apply for the grant. 


Deadline: September 15, 2017


See website for more details or to apply for a code. 


National Grants

MAXIMUS Charitable Foundation

Deadline: August 31, 2017; January 31, 2017

The MAXIMUS Charitable Foundation aims to award grants to organizations that help disadvantaged youth achieve self-sufficiency and personal growth. Projects that are eligible to apply included child abuse support and prevention, child hunger and nutrition services, and enrichment and education programs. One prior grant involved a program that provided after-school education in compassionate citizenship and environmental awareness. 

Prize: Generally $2,500 to $5,000

IGT After School Advantage Program

Deadline: Contact IGT for deadline

The After School Advantage (ASA) Program is IGT’s signature education program and flagship community involvement initiative. The program strives to close the “Digital Divide” for disadvantaged children who get left behind because they do not have the means to access computers in today’s increasingly digital society.

Its goal is to address the needs of underprivileged/at-risk children ages five to 18 with a meaningful, yet fun, learning experience during the critical after-school hours in a safe environment. It does this by providing qualifying non-profit community agencies and public schools with digital learning centers. Each digital learning center is unique in its design and specific to an organization’s custom needs.

Contact: Ashley Morgan, CSR Coordinator or phone-775-233-0744 or


Prize: A digital learning center for your site

Contests and Competitions

Grant & Contest Cycles Currently Closed

The Pilcrow Foundation- Rural Public Library Children's Book Project

Deadline: Currently Closed- Should reopen next summer. Deadline will most likely be October 2017.

The Pilcrow Foundation provides matching grants to rural public libraries through the Children’s Book Project. The project aims to support the purchase of quality, hardcover children’s books suited to the community and intended to enhance active children’s departments in libraries across the United States. The foundation provides a list of over 500 quality hardcover children’s book from which grant recipients can select books best suited for their community. The book list includes award-winning and star-reviewed titles from educational and literary organizations.

Applications are accepted from independent rural public libraries and Native American Tribal libraries; and libraries that are part of a county, regional, or cooperative system. Eligible applicants also include branch libraries serving rural communities and school libraries that remain open to the entire community year-round as the sole public library.

Contact: Karren Timmermans, Director, 343 Washington Ave., Cottage Grove, OR 97424 or Phone-541.767.3604 or

Prize: Up to $1,200 value in children's books

Nagel Foundation- Available in Southwest Idaho Only

Deadline: August 31,2017

The Nagel Foundation supports organizations that help with basic needs, education, and youth programs. Selection of grant recipients is based on need. supports qualified charities in the areas of basic needs, education, and youth programs. The selection of grant recipients is based primarily on need. The foundation prefers to grant in areas where the funds are used to help organizations whose primary mission is to help those who would otherwise not be able to help themselves.

Recent grants have provided clothing, shoes, coats, books, and hygiene kits to disadvantaged and refugee children; a camp experience for children with cancer; gifts and clothing for school children before Christmas vacation; and programs for at-risk youth to learn skills in the culinary-arts. Grants with an educational focus have been awarded to support student activities, scholarships at Idaho state universities, reading programs, and field trips for underprivileged students.

Contact: Curt Goldgrabe, Nagel Foundation, 435 E. Shore Dr. Ste. 130, Eagle, ID 83616 or phone- 208.387.7963 or

Prize: $10,000 to $75,000

Disney Summer of Service Grant- Friends for Change

Deadline: Currently Closed. Should reopen September 20, 2017.

Disney and Youth Service America have a grant available for youth ages 5-18. Kids can write and submit (an adult must submit if the kid is younger than 13) a service plan that will make a positive change in the world and help others. In order to be funded, this service project must be youth-led.

Prize: Up to $500

Whole Kids Foundation- Extended Learning Garden Grant

Deadline: Currently Closed- should reopen next fall. Deadline will likely be October 31, 2017.

The Whole Kids Foundation strives to improve children's nutrition and help kids learn about whole foods. This grant would support an educational edible garden on the property of a non-profit that works with kids K-12. Visit the website to learn more about the requirements of this grant.

Contact: Whole Kids Foundation 550 Bowie St. Austin, TX 78703 or email-

Prize: $2,000

I Love My Librarian Award

Deadline: September 18, 2017

The American Library Association recognizes the country's best librarians each year with the I Love My Librarian Award, and Idaho has the best librarians! Get online and nominate your local librarian.

Prize: Ten awards of $5,000

Grinnell College Young Innovator for Social Justice Prize 

Deadline: Currently Closed- Most Likely Deadline is October 2017

This prize honors innovators under the age of 40 who are innovative and committed to social change. There is no one particular field that can apply and candidates can work for social change in a variety of ways including childhood education, literacy, arts, children's mental health, environment, etc. Self-nominations are not allowed. The nominating essay can be no more than 750 words.


Prize: $50,000 to the winner and $50,000 to the winner's organization

Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries

Deadline: This grant is currently closed. Check back next fall.

22 schools in Idaho have received the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries Library Grant since 2003. Schools with at least 85% of their students receiving free/reduced lunch can consider applying. This grant is a wonderful opportunity to add books to your school library. Awards will be announced May 2017.

Contact: Tracy Young, 214-200-4300,

Prize: $7,000

Annie's Grants for Gardens

Deadline: Currently Closed- Next deadline will likely be December 2017.

Annie’s offers garden grants to US-based K-12 school gardens that connect children directly to real food. These funds can be used to buy gardening tools, raised beds, seeds or other needed supplies for your edible school garden. Check here to see if your program is eligible to apply.

Prize: $3,000 - $5,000

Dollar General Afterschool Literacy Award

Deadline: Grant is currently closed. It will likely reopen November 2017.

The Afterschool Alliance and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation are looking to award $10,000 to an afterschool program that shows excellence in providing literacy support. This year's focus is programs that provide excellent literacy support to English language learners in afterschool programs. Consider nominating a program from Idaho. The nomination form can be found here.

Prize: $10,000

Puffin Foundation West Grant

Deadline: Grant is currently closed. It will likely open back up in November 2017.

This grant funds art projects that work to educate the public on issues such as the environment, social justice, civil rights and other contemporary issues. Check out their website to learn more about the types of projects they fund.

Prize: $550 - $2,500

Idaho National Laboratory Classroom Makeover Grant

Deadlines: Grant cycle is currently closed. It will likely open back up November 2017.

The INL Extreme Classroom Makeover Grant Program provides schools with up to $5,000 to upgrade science laboratories or transform classrooms into modern STEM learning environments. This grant is available for educators in Eastern Idaho.

Contact: Tabrie Landon 208-526-4925

Prize: up to $5,000

Idaho National Laboratory Mini-Grant

Deadlines: Grant cycle is currently closed. It will likely open back up November 2017.

The INL Mini Grant Program provides teachers with up to $500 for technology, laboratory equipment or materials for special projects that enhance STEM instruction. The mini-grant is available to both formal and informal educators statewide.

Contact: Tabrie Landon 208-526-4925

Prize: $500

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