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21st CCLCs: A safe place for students that would otherwise be left at home alone...

I am stating my plea to protect our before, after and summer school programs that are housed within our public schools. I currently work in a North Idaho school that has a 100% Free and Reduced lunch rate. The students and families that live in this neighborhood rely so much on our CDA 4 Kids program. There is a tremendous NEED, especially for our high-risk youth living in our low income neighborhoods.  Our before, after and summer school program immensely help our families that are working in jobs that require them to work those non-typical hours that do NOT allow them to be home when kids get home from school. Also, these programs provide or even worse left to tend to younger siblings. And last, these heavily valued  programs are helping inspire our students to learn and strengthen their academic achievements. The families and students in our community will be devastated if our program is terminated.   

~ 21st Educator, Coeur d'Alene, Id, 2017

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